i'm juliëtte and i love oli sykes and twenty one pilots more than you.
Anonymous was like: I'd eat you out.


thank you joran for tagging me -__-

Name: Juliëtte
Birthday: July 21
Gender: unicorn
Sexuality: pizza
Height: taller than nicki minaj
Time and date: 10:10 pm, september 15 2014
Average hour of sleep: like 5 or 6
The last thing I googled: nicki minaj anaconda lyrics
Most used phrase: omg
What I last said to a family member: ”okay go away now”
One place that makes me very happy: in bed with my lovely boyfriend
How many blankets do I sleep under: only one
Favourite beverage: coffee, tea
The last movie I watched in the cinemas: The Fault in Our Stars
Three things I can’t live without: joran, pizza, music
Something I plan on learning: to accept myself??
A piece of advice for all your followers: listen to your parents, eat your vegetables, finish school and don’t believe your own bullshit
You have to listen to these songs: 

coldplay - yellow

chef’special - in your arms

brand new - not the sun

being as an ocean - the poets cry for more

twenty one pilots - before you start your day

nicki minaj - anaconda

(i was kidding about the last one k)

not tagging anyone bc i dont have friends